Pelagia-Irene (Perena) Gouma



About The Director


Edward Orton, Jr., Chair in Ceramic Engineering
Professor, Department of Materials Science & Engineering 
Professor, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
The Ohio State University

284 Watts Hall, 2041 College Rd,
Columbus, OH, 43210
Ph: 614-292 4931; cell: 631-375 5051


Research Projects

  • Breathalyzer for the detection and monitoring of COVID-19 infection


  • Visible light photocatalytic blankets for water splitting


  • Advanced ceramics processing through Flame and Ultrasonic spray pyrolysis, Self-propagating High Temperature Synthesis(SHS)


  • Developing high-throughput electrospinning spinnerets


  • Ferroelectric Tungsten Trioxide


  • Materials for Food, Water, Energy related research


  • Breathalyzers for non-invasive medical diagnostics


  • Wearable sensors

Research Projects and Selected Videos

Flu Virus Detector

UTA professor's breath monitor detects flu virus

Cell Phones Detecting Asthma

Cellphones Detecting Asthma

Director of NSF mentions Prof. Gouma in Congressional Testimony

rof. Gouma's research breakthrough was mentioned by NSF Director

Science Nation

Science Nation - This Breathalyzer Reveals Signs of Disease

I-CORPS Photocatalysts Project

I-CORPS Photocatalysts Project